ETX Capital offers credit line to ex Alpari UK clients before they receive refunds

British multi-asset CFD and spread betting firm ETX Capital has today announced that all former clients of Alpari (UK) who have chosen to have their funds paid direct to their ETX Capital trading account will be offered an advance to start trading.

In e-mails sent out today, ETX offered to extend up to 30% of the amount ex-Alpari customers are due to receive, up to a level of £3,000 or equivalent.

“We know that people have been waiting to receive their funds for a while now,” said Andrew Edwards, CEO of ETX Capital. “However, one thing we are able to do in the meantime is provide our clients with advanced access to some of their funds” he concluded.

ETX Capital bought the client list of Alpari (UK) from the joint special administrator in March this year and many customers have already started trading with them, however this will accelerate the acquisition by giving customers the chance to get trading again whilst waiting for their money back.

Alpari UK clients are still waiting for their money back via Special Administrator KPMG four months after Alpari UK was declared insolvent in the wake of the January 15 Swiss Franc spike. As reported earlier at LeapRate, refunds are expected to be made starting in June.

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