eToro extends unleveraged trading to indices

Social investment expert eToro announced today that it plans to expand the scope of its unleveraged trading offering.

The latter, as you may recall, is trading with a leverage of x1 (that is, no leverage). Until this point, unleveraged trading was applicable to currencies only, but the company is planning to extend this to cover indices trading too.

For instance, if you use the x1 leverage, and decide to invest $1000 in buying NSDQ100 at the price of $4000, you will effectively buy 0.25 units of NSDQ100.

The main point behind the offer is that lower leverage implies lower risk. And based on the positive feedback eToro has received for its unleveraged currency trading offer, quite a few traders share such a risk-aversive attitude.

Unleveraged trading for indices will be available at eToro from September 30, 2015 (Wednesday).

To view the announcement from eToro, click here.

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