Arena-FX relaxes margin requirements for CAD/JPY, CAD/CHF

Japanese Forex broker Arena-FX today announced a set of pending changes to margin requirements for selected instruments.

And while two currency pairs with the Canadian dollar – CAD/JPY and CAD/CHF, are about to enjoy relaxed margin requirements, the company is increasing more than twofold the margin requirements for two pairs with the South African rand – USD/ZAR and ZAR/JPY.

The maintenance margin on CAD/JPY will become 40,000 yen for individual accounts and 10,000 yen for corporate accounts. This compares with current levels of 44,000 yen and 11,000 yen respectively.

The margin for CAD/CHF trades will become 50,000 yen for both types of accounts, down from current level of 55,000 yen.

The margin for USD/ZAR trades will become 126,000 yen for both types of accounts compared with the current level of 56,000 yen.

The margin for ZAR/JPY trades will be 9,000 yen, compared with a current requirement of 4,000 yen.

The changes become effective from December 21, 2015, and will affect both individual and corporate (institutional) accounts on TradingStation, MT4 and ZuluTrade.

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