Enhanced SaxoTraderGO offers new chart features, supports Broadcast notifications

Multi-asset trading and investment services provider Saxo Bank keeps bolstering the capabilities of its innovative trading platform SaxoTraderGO. Shortly after the bank introduced a set of enhancements, such as New Dividends and Interest Details reports to the platform, more improvements are here for the traders using the solution.

  • Movable Trade Ticket

The trade ticket in SaxoTraderGO can now be moved around the screen, enabling traders to view data underneath the ticket. When the ticket is dismissed, it will again appear as a centered popup the next time it is triggered.


  • Movable configuration settings for studies and annotations

Alike trade tickets, the configuration dialog for both studies and annotations can now be moved around the screen. This enables traders to stay focus on the chart while changing the settings for a study or annotation.

  • Instrument Overview

The instrument Overview module in SaxoTraderGO has been expanded and now displays additional data for instruments across all asset classes. Traders can resize the module or navigate through the blue arrows on the far ends to see more relevant instrument data.


  • Broadcast notifications

The variety of notification types supported by SaxoTraderGO is expanded to include a set of new Broadcast messages:

  1. Broadcast messages sent as popups are now displayed in SaxoTraderGO;
  2. Broadcast messages sent as chat messages are now displayed in Notifications;
  3. Traders who are online will receive them immediately;
  4. Traders who are offline will have broadcast messages queued and displayed at next platform login;
  5. Broadcast messages sent as a popup will be delivered in a centered popup.


  • New Price Channel study

Price Channels are lines set above and below the price of a given trading instrument. The upper channel is set at the x-period high and the lower channel is set at the x-period low. For a 10-day Price Channel, the upper channel would equal the 10-day high and the lower channel would equal the 10-day low.

Price Channels are useful to traders that want to identify support and resistance and break out. Price Channels can also be used to identify overbought or oversold levels within a bigger downtrend or uptrend.


  • Annotations

The order of the Annotations has been changed from alphabetic to a more intuitive order starting with Lines, then Fibonacci, Figures, Measure tools and Texts.

In addition, the Annotation Menu now includes a new annotation – Infinite trendline.

You can find out more about SaxoTraderGO new features and enhancements by clicking here.

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