EBS October FX volumes best since early 2013 at $129.9 billion ADV

Following the acceleration in volumes which took place in September this year, ICAP’s electronic brokerage division EBS has reported its volumes for October, which show an even further development in the upward direction.

EBS average daily volumes weighed in at $129.9 billion in October 2014, up 10% over September’s $117.9 billion. Although September’s average daily volumes represented the first time that the firm had reported daily trading volume figures above $100 billion in over a year, October’s result is a significant increment over the previous month.

On an annual basis, a 69% increase was achieved by EBS in October 2014 compared to October 2013, which was the month which led the international period of low volumes.

With total electronic brokerage volumes for the month of October amounting to a $798.1 billon average per day, an increment of 3% has been achieved over September’s $772.1 billion on average per day, with an 18% improvement compared to the same time last year.



For the full announcement from ICAP, click here.

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