EBS Live Ultra to provide data at 5ms intervals

EBS BrokerTec, a NEX Group (LON:NXG) business which provides electronic trading technology and services, announced that it has further enhanced its EBS Live Ultra data feed, providing spot foreign exchange (FX) data at 5 millisecond intervals.

Last year EBS BrokerTec launched EBS Live Ultra with two data publication intervals – 100ms and 20ms – with the intention that the faster service will be available to all market participants that meet certain trading criteria, designed to support positive market behaviour and encourage contribution to improved data for the entire market. With the launch of the 5ms data feed, the same participation criteria will apply for those wishing to access this, while the 20ms data feed will be available to all EBS Live Ultra customers.

EBS Live Ultra was further enhanced in direct response to customer requests for a faster data feed. The low latency data feed continues to increase market transparency, efficiency and liquidity while supporting the maintenance of a continuous order book. The improved data has also had a positive impact on the market’s reliance on practices such as last look as there’s less need to review client execution.

Seth Johnson

Seth Johnson, Chief Executive Officer, EBS BrokerTec, said:

We are committed to ensuring that the FX market has a reliable and liquid primary market. EBS Live Ultra reflects our constant efforts to improve and enhance the services that we offer via the platform and support a strong and healthy market ecology.

Tim Cartledge, Chief Strategy Officer at EBS BrokerTec, added:

Since launching EBS Live Ultra in September 2016, the improved data feed has had a positive impact on spreads, market depth and transparency. Client feedback has been very positive and we are confident that the additional enhancements will further support customer requirements and a positive market environment.” EBS Live Ultra data is derived from EBS Market, EBS BrokerTec’s central limit order book.

John Estrada, Global Head of eFX Trading, Credit Suisse,concluded:

I appreciate the work that EBS has done to help bring additional transparency to the FX market. This change will promote price discovery and efficiency in the market, enabling Credit Suisse to improve pricing and execution for its clients.

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