EBS launches lower cost Internet access version of EBS Spot Ai

EBS Internet Ai allows customers affordable access to the EBS forex market, without circuit fees or data center costs.

Forex ECN EBS, a unit of futures broker ICAP, is introducing a lower cost version of its EBS Spot Ai, with EBS Ai protocols now available over the internet via EBS Internet Ai. The new EBS Internet solution recognizes that the use of API connections and aggregation tools has grown exponentially in most segments of the FX trading community, both retail and institutional, over the past several years.

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EBS launches EBS Internet Ai

10 Jul 2013

London/New York, 10 July, 2013 – EBS, ICAP’S market-leading electronic FX business, today announces the launch of EBS Internet Ai. This initiative allows customers affordable access to EBS platforms with their aggregation and automated trading tools, through secure S-tunnel encrypted connections. The first trade on EBS Market using an internet connected API was completed on 4 June.

EBS launched EBS Spot Ai in 2003 to facilitate automated, algorithmic execution of trading strategies and risk management. Since then, EBS Spot Ai has become an integral component of the professional spot FX market place, offering efficient price discovery and 24-hour access to tight liquidity for professional spot FX, non-deliverable forward (NDF) and precious metals traders. Now for the first time, the same trusted EBS Ai protocols will be available over the internet.

Mark Rizzo, CEO of Twitch, LLC, said: “We were thrilled to hear of this new connectivity option being offered by EBS. Having the ability to securely connect to EBS in an efficient and cost-effective manner is a significant benefit for us at Twitch.”

Nichola Hunter, Co-Head of EBS Market, said: “Over the past several years, the use of API connections and aggregation tools has grown exponentially in new segments of the FX trading community. In order to simplify and extend access to EBS Ai for these users, we have created a secure implementation using the internet, affordably extending the reach of EBS Spot Ai to FX traders anywhere in the world with a high-speed internet connection. In addition to requiring less hardware, EBS Internet Ai gives customers secure access to the same API but without circuit fees or data center costs resulting in additional cost savings to the user.”

The EBS Internet Ai solution will support both EBS Market and the recently announced EBS Direct.

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