Dukascopy completes stress tests to safegaurd the group and clients against black swan

Today Swiss Forex bank and brokerage house Dukascopy has announced that following the Euro/Swiss franc move on January 15th 2015, Dukascopy Group continued to improve its risk management. To ensure stability of Dukascopy Group entities, stress tests using different scenarios were performed.

Dukascopy risk managers assumed the following assumptions: 5% gap/shift of EUR versus other currencies during a trading day and 10% gap/shift of EUR vs other currencies during the weekend. Based on the stress test results Dukascopy has developed measures to guarantee the stability of the group. Furthermore, new limits of maximum net exposure starting from June 21st, 2015 will be introduced to all group entities customers (see image below).


For the official announcement from Dukascopy, click here.

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