Darwinex issues charismatic message to clients stating that it only lost $1,432 in Swiss floor drop debacle

As the collateral damage is being assessed by many FX industry participants which resulted from yesterday’s floor drop imposed by the Swiss National Bank, avantgarde investing platform Darwinex has taken a somewhat controversial view on the trading day by issuing a somewhat unorthox message to its clients.

The Darwinex Team began by venturing into the history books by stating “George Soros broke the Bank of England on September 16th, 1992. Yesterday, those smart enough to smell blood when central bankers pledge to enforce the minimum exchange rate with the utmost determination, broke the Swiss National Bank.”

“Online trading wasn’t invented back then, so no retail dealers lost money betting against smart independent traders. By golly, it looks as though yesterday was a tad different for several household names” continued the message.

“For our part, Darwinex had a GREAT day. True, we lost 1432 USD (in words, one thousand four-hundred and thirty-two US dollars) as some customers were margined out and there was no market for them (and therefore, us) to stop their (therefore, our) losses.”

“Then again, we’re happiest when skilled traders prove that small & skilled = nimble, not retail. Watching our best DARWINs make hundreds of thousands of dollars in returns was priceless, and our winners positive P&L is SAFE. We match all trades on EXCHANGE, so that when you close a trade with us, your P&L is locked, your profits are real, and your balance is NOT at risk” concluded the message.

The global markets comprise of many different companies with a different ethos, and indeed which operate in different markets, however it appears that even a vast, all-encompassing event such as that of the Swiss floor drop yesterday is still not enough to align all great minds.

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