CySEC warns investors against HFX Global and their website

Unclear what the CySEC warning against HFX is about, however.

Cyprus financial regulator CySEC has sent out a release warning investors against HFX Global Ltd., and their website It is unclear, however, what the warning is about, and why it was issued. The CySEC warning just states that HFX is not and never was regulated by CySEC.

In a quick review of HFX’s website we can’t see anywhere where HFX states that they are either based in Cyprus or regulated by CySEC — in fact, they seem to be unregulated. They do claim as a ‘main telephone number’ a London number, however that is not unusual for unregulated brokers.

As a reminder, we strongly urge traders to always trade with a forex broker having a ‘real’ address and location disclosed on their website, regulated by a recognized financial regulator such as CySEC, the FCA, the CFTC, etc., depending on where the trader is based, of course. And we encourage traders who trade to look at our Approved List of regulated forex brokers.

CySEC also has unveiled a new website an corporate logo, as per above.

For the full CySEC warning against HFX click here (Greek, pdf).

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