cTrader upgrade enhances optimization and cBot functionality

Spotware Systems‘ innovative cTrader retail FX trading platform has been the subject of enhanced functionality, with a series of new features having been added.

The continually evolving platform has received upgrades to its user interface, including, among other aspects, an optimization facility for determining the best parameters to use within an attached cBot. In order to activate this, traders should right click on a cBot in cBots tab and choose “Optimize”.

Additionally, traders can detach TradeWatch tabs in order to view their content in a new window by dragging the tabs outside of TradeWatch. With regard to charting and graphically displayed data, Reverse / Double / Advanced Protection buttons have been added to the position line so that traders can now utilize these inside a chart.The buttons which activate this are located in an expanded position line.

Spotware Systems has added a risk alert notification which will provide an automated alert to traders when a trader places a take profit order on a position without placing a stop loss, and an advanced protection button has been added to i-windows.

The retail platform technology sector has become intensely competitive, with cutting edge products such as the algorithm orientated cTrader and application based Tradable platforms having made a significant inroad into a market once completely dominated by MetaTrader 4.

Part and parcel of MetaTrader 4’s all-encompassing popularity is down to its ability to operate with expert advisers, however with updates such as these modifications to cTrader’s cBot interaction, the battle for supremacy continues to strengthen.



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