Sources: JP Morgan chief FX trader in London Richard Usher leaves bank

JP Morgan’s chief currency trader in London, Richard Usher, has left the bank, a source familiar with the matter said on Tuesday.

Usher, the head of spot G10 currency trading at the U.S. based bank in London, had been put on leave by the bank since October last year. It was unclear at the time whether that was related to the global investigation into allegations of collusion and manipulation in the world’s currency market.

Usher was listed as “inactive” on the UK Financial Conduct Authority’s register of approved individuals as of Oct. 6th.

Usher could not be immediately reached for comment. An employee at the JP Morgan switchboard said there was no record of anyone called Usher on the worldwide directory. It must be understood that Usher was not charged with any wrong-doing related to global FX probes on manipulating rates.

Source: Reuters

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