CQG launches new multi-asset trading platform

CQG today unveiled a multi-asset trading platform, CQG One, that allows traders to easily manage their portfolios; view real-market prices on forex, futures, and exchange-listed equities; and trade them seamlessly through one interface on any computer or mobile device.

CQG One provides a single point of custom pre-trade risk management, tailored by asset class across accounts. CQG One also offers exclusive in-platform access to pattern recognition software. The platform is powered by agreements with DriveWealth Holdings, Inc. and its wholly owned subsidiaries DriveWealth, LLC and DriveWealth Technologies, LLC (collectively known as “DriveWealth”) and Direct FX. CQG One streams Direct FX’s rates, execution, and market information for its forex and futures feed, and DriveWealth provides the equity feed and clearing for the multi-asset trading platform.

“CQG One not only allows us to package the best of CQG’s existing advanced trading tools, market access, and trade routing into one platform, it also expands our trading capabilities to the equities asset class,” said Mike Glista, Vice President of Continuum, CQG’s enterprise division.

CQG One is built using Continuum Connect, which leverages co-located Hosted Exchange Gateways as well as access to over seventy-five sources for global market data and to over forty exchanges for trade routing. Through the multi-asset platform, traders receive these features and more:

  • Trade with multiple customizable trading interfaces
  • Access multiple portfolios at one time from a mobile device or computer
  • Learn to identify repeating tradable patterns with the addition of KnowVera’s Pattern Recognition software – P101

“DriveWealth is pleased to partner with Direct FX and CQG to provide investors worldwide with a multi-asset trading solution that incorporates exchange-listed equities, foreign exchange, and futures,” said Robert Cortright, Founder and CEO of DriveWealth, LLC. “We believe that giving international retail investors affordable access to a multi-asset trading platform will change the way people invest.”

“The intuitive solution will further enhance the overall trader experience, while providing an environment to trade asset classes that may have not been easily accessible to them before. This one-stop solution is perfect for traders looking to diversify and grow their trading portfolio,” said Joe O’Mara, CEO of Direct FX.

For the official release, click here.

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