CME Group reduces minimum price increment on EUR/USD futures to half ticks

Today CME Group (NASDAQ: CME) informed us that they’ve reduced their tick size on EUR/USD futures, so traders can reduce their execution costs. Starting on January 10, CME is officially reducing the minimum price increment for their standard-size EUR/USD futures from 1-pip ($12.50 per contract) to 1/2-pip ($6.25 per contract).

Effective Sunday, January 10 (trade date Monday, January 11), the minimum price increment for the Euro/U.S. Dollar futures will be changed from .0001 to .00005 commencing with the March 2016 maturity and beyond.

This follows the successful reduction in tick size for MXN/USD in July 2014 and JPY/USD in June 2015.

In 2015 CME Group saw a record number of Large Open Interest Holders in CME Group FX Futures as more market participants migrated their trading activity to exchange traded futures contracts.

CME Group exchanges feature no last look and added granularity provides more actionable liquidity, the financial security of CME Clearing and their average pricing allows allocations to all accounts at the same price, alongside full trade netting.

For more details about the announcement click here.

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