CLS daily FX trading volume tails off to $4.69 trillion ADV

CLS Group (CLS), the market infrastructure provider of risk mitigation services to the global FX market, has earlier today published its operating metrics for March 2016.

The average daily input volume submitted to CLS, combining the settlement and aggregation services, was 1,035,678 down 15.2% MoM from 1,220,828 in February 2016.

Showing even further consolidation, the reading for March 2016 was off from March 2015 by 24%, when average daily input was 1,366,042.

The average daily input value submitted to CLS was $4.69 trillion, down 3.5% from the $4.86 trillion result reported for February 2016 and down 8.9% from the result of $5.15 trillion reported for March 2015.


FX, the world’s largest market, a boon for banks over the past decade, has faded from peaks hit around the start of last year (the month of the SNB EUR/CHF spike) as banks cut back on their own trading and the leverage they give clients to play with.

For the full announcement from CLS, click here.

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