China tariff deadline left open – Trump strikes again

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Donald Trump, the current US President, has left the tariff deadline on $325 billion worth of Chinese goods “open”. He was supposed to set a deadline on Wednesday, but he did not, calling the current relationship with Beijing good and at the same time “testy”.

The information comes from Japan Times. Currently, the relationship between China and US is especially strained, after the Trump Administration levied tariffs on many of the Chinese imports in the USA.

Trump has threatened several times to take the trade war to another level by putting tariffs on the Chinese imports that currently are not affected by the tariff regime. Such products are computers, clothing and different electronics.

The US President also stated that he does not really have a deadline about deciding the tariffs on the Chinese imports. Rather, he stated:

I have no deadline; my deadline is what’s up here,” he told a news conference, gesturing to his head. “We’ll figure out the deadline. Nobody can quite figure it out.

The value of the tariffs is also huge – 25% on $250 billion worth of Chinese products, which include everything from furniture to semi-conductors.

At the beginning of his presidential term, and even in the rally against Hillary Clinton, Trump has often said that the Chinese economy is booming somehow at the expense of the US one, especially in stealing workers and intellectual property.

One of the requirements, or more so, a wish, of the US is that China changes its trade practices. What this means is that China should not require US businesses to share their own technology in order to do business in China, “curbing subsidies for Chinese state-owned enterprises and increasing access to Chinese markets”, as reported by Japan Times.

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