CFI Markets eases margin requirements post Brexit vote

After deciding to keep increased margin requirements in place over the weekend, CySEC regulated retail forex broker CFI Markets has issued a note to clients, indicating that it is now easing margin requirements on certain currency pairs and financial instruments.

The note sent by CFI Markets to clients (and the table indicating new margin levels) reads as follows:

Dear Valued Client,

As the news about Brexit was out and markets are now less volatile, we are easing off margin requirements on different pairs. Please Click Here to view these.

CFI Markets still requests clients to take caution as post-news developments may still lead to higher volatility triggering the need to elevate margins requirements again. In addition, spreads on specially GBP pairs risk to continue to be higher than normal.

We hope to return to business as usual soon and we shall keep you informed as soon as we have any updates.

Thanking you in advance.

Best Regards,
CFI Markets Team

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