CFI Markets eases margin requirements on various FX and CFD instruments

CySEC regulated retail forex broker CFI Markets has issued a note to clients, indicating that it is now easing margin requirements on certain currency pairs and other financial instruments.

CFI had taken steps around the June Brexit vote to limit client trading leverage by raising required margins. Those margin requirements were eased somewhat soon after results of the vote became known. And now, even further.

The note sent by CFI Markets to clients (and the table indicating the new versus old margin levels) reads as follows:


Dear Valued Client,

In our continuous effort to improve our Trading conditions and meet different clients’ trading styles and risk appetites, we would like to inform you that we will be reducing the Initial and Maintenance margins of certain products.


We would like to underline the additional Risks clients undertake by using a higher Leverage as described in our Risk Disclosures. In essence, the use of Leverage magnifies the Risk to your Capital and may result in losses exceeding the Capital invested at CFI Markets. The higher the Leverage used, the higher the Risk is.

Clients always maintain the choice of using no or less Leverage by opening a position relevant in size to their account size and Risk appetite. Clients may also request to reduce their Leverage settings to have a lower maximum Leverage.

Feel free to Contact Us at any time for any additional information.

Wishing you profitable trading.

Best Regards,
CFI Markets Team

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