BTCC launches new USD bitcoin exchange

BTCC (originally founded in 2011 as BTCChina) the company behind the longest-running bitcoin exchange worldwide, it is worth noting this week launched a new BTC/USD exchange that the company says was designed in close collaboration with leading bitcoin traders.

The new exchange features industry-leading rates and a multi-tier referral program to maximize passive income.

The new exchange is geared for dedicated traders, with FIX APIs, a fast trading engine, and a unique multi-tier referral program, in which clients can get up to 33% of referees’ trading fees.

Notably, instead of reducing fees for liquidity providers like most bitcoin exchanges do, the BTCC USD Exchange maker-taker model actually pays makers — customers who place limit orders that add to the bid or ask in the order book — 0.05% of the order’s value.

BTCC USD Exchange is the only bitcoin spot exchange that pays traders for adding liquidity to the order book.

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