BSO plans for further US expansion of specialist network optimized for financial traders

BSO, the global Ethernet network, cloud and hosting provider, has announced plans for Phase 2 of its comprehensive U.S. expansion, which will include initiatives to further optimize its specialist network to meet the changing needs of the financial community.

The next wave will build on the groundwork of the initial phase, which delivered the company’s network full circle around the world, connecting both East and West coasts and key U.S. cities to BSO’s highly-optimized trading network in just a matter of months.

In the second half of 2016, BSO announced a fast-paced series of projects that linked the U.S. finance ecosystem with the world via BSO’s low latency, highly-secure network. BSO’s new premium ultra low latency trading routes between Chicago and key financial hubs in Moscow, Dubai and Mumbai connect the company’s customers with the center of the derivatives market. Likewise, its new metro network in New York City provides the local financial community with a single point of entry to BSO’s global network.

The company also expanded its network to the US-Mexico border with a new PoP in McAllen Data Center in South Texas — BSO’s “Gateway to Mexico” — and across the nation with PoPs in One Wilshire in Los Angeles and Equinix-Filigree Court in Ashburn, Virginia. Most recently, BSO expanded into its third on-net data center in Chicago at 717 S Wells, one of the city’s most connected buildings.

BSO is tackling the US market head-on with its low-latency, high-capacity focus,” stated Michael Howard, senior research director and advisor at IHS Markit. “I like BSO’s innovative yet pragmatic approach to selective global connectivity. I believe financial companies will want to evaluate BSO when looking for the fastest, most reliable trading routes around the world.

Michael Ourabah

Michael Ourabah

Michael Ourabah, CEO at BSO, concluded:

One of our guiding principles is our flexible approach, which provides the freedom to continuously evolve within the fluid financial landscape and proactively address our customers’ needs. So far, we’ve created solid groundwork for our U.S. expansion, and now we’re going to further build out and optimize our specialized routes. Watch out for rapid movement from us in the U.S. over the coming months as we listen and react to the demands of the financial community.

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