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  • Brian Myers resigns as VP Sales of OANDA Europe


    LeapRate has learned that Brian Myers has resigned as VP Sales of OANDA Europe Limited, the FCA-regulated UK subsidiary of global retail forex broker OANDA Corp. He was also a board member of the UK company.

    The resignation was effective as of August 18.

    Myers was one of a number of executives who joined Daniel Skowronski at OANDA from Alpari UK, where Myers was Global Head of Sales from 2010-2014. Skowronski resigned as CEO of Alpari UK in late 2013, joining OANDA in mid 2014 to head OANDA’s EMEA operations. A number of his former lieutenants at Alpari also joined OANDA over time, including Myers who headed sales and Chantelle Johnson, who still heads European marketing for OANDA.

    OANDAOANDA UK has grown since Skowronski and his team joined the company, but the data we’ve reviewed have shown that the growth has been modest, with OANDA UK volumes up 8% in 2015.

    OANDA Europe CEO Daniel Skowronski told LeapRate about the departure:

    After a successful period of employment in various executive roles at OANDA, Brian Myers decided to move on from the group to seek new challenges and experiences. We wish him well with his future endeavours.

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    • Harry firedmn

      Good. The less ex-Alpari employees in the industry the better. Whenever an ex-Alpari employee goes to a reputable broker they never last long……


    Brian Myers resigns as VP Sales of OANDA Europe


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