Boerse Stuttgart generates 2016 turnover of over €80.1 Billion

Boerse Stuttgart volumes

Based on the order book statistics, turnover from all trading activities at Boerse Stuttgart in 2016 exceeded EUR 80.1 billion. As such the turnover across every asset class at Germany’s floor-trading exchange was around 15% below the previous year’s level.

Trading in exchange-traded products (ETPs) and equities nearly reached the record figure set in 2015. The volume in ETPs traded by private investors amounted to more than EUR 12.2 billion in 2016. Trading in equities stood at almost EUR 16.4 billion. German and international equities contributed around EUR 12.8 billion and more than EUR 3.6 billion respectively to the aggregate trading volume.

Boerse Stuttgart confirmed its leading position in securitised derivatives on the German market. The trading volume in this asset class totalled over EUR 34.2 billion. Turnover from leverage products came to around EUR 17 billion, while a turnover figure of just below EUR 17.3 billion was recorded for investment products.

Order book turnover from trading in debt instruments (bonds) ended the year at around EUR 16.1 billion. In response to the current policy of maintaining low interest rates, the volume of trading in this asset class decreased by around 15% compared with the previous year. At over EUR 11.3 billion, corporate bonds accounted for the lion’s share of bond trading. Boerse Stuttgart retained its position as Germany’s leading exchange in corporate bond trading with a market share of around 62%.

Investment fund units generated a turnover of around EUR 991 million at the Stuttgart Exchange in 2016.

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