BitQuick misses deadline to resume operations, remains down

Bitcoin trading platform BitQuick, which fell victim to a cyber attack more than a month ago, has missed the deadline to resume operations and remains down.

The BitQuick team provided another update on system status on Wednesday, saying the company is taking care of internal issues, on top of solving matters regarding platform security.

BitQuick’s server suffered an attack on Monday, March 14, 2016, with the platform down since then.

The company provided an update on March 31, 2016, saying the receipt upload function was the likely source of the exploit. It also confirmed its database was likely leaked, with names, email addresses and phone numbers affected.

Below is the full text of the latest update from the BitQuick team:

Unfortunately we have missed our initial deadline of a 4 week return. We are taking care of some things internally, in addition to platform security, before we launch again. I do not have an exact estimate for our return, but wholeheartedly expect a return sometime during the month of May.

The BitQuick team sincerely appreciates the patience and loyalty you all have shown while we go through these times.

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