BitQuick confirms customer database leak during cyber attack

Bitcoin trading platform BitQuick, which fell victim to a cyber attack about two weeks ago, has provided an update regarding the status of customer data.

The company points to the receipt upload function as the likely source of the exploit. It also discovered that its database was likely  leaked, with names, email addresses and phone numbers affected. Customers are advised to beware of phishing scams because of this.

You can read the full message from BitQuick below.

Update – March, 31 2016 – 10:40 AM EST

We sincerely appreciate your loyalty and patience while we go through this process. It’s a shame that Bitcoin services are targeted so heavily by cyber-criminals, but we will not return until we have the utmost confidence that our platform is secured once again. We realize that we have a truly unique service, not only because of how our platform works, but more importantly because of the way we treat our customers.

We are still on schedule for the platform to return as well. No files or information in the database were destroyed. We have nearly concluded our investigation on the issue, and have determined that our receipt upload function was likely the source of the exploit. We have also discovered that our database was likely leaked. No sensitive financial information was stored in the database, but phone numbers, first and last name and email addresses were released. Please look out for any phishing emails that may occur because of this. As previously stated, all modification PIN’s and ID’s remain secured.

We are now working on re securing our code base, and performing an additional security audit. We are still targeting 2-4 weeks from now to be back up, but there may be additional delays. We will keep you all updated! We are optimistic that the platform will be back better than before. In the mean time, please email us any questions you may have!

BitQuick’s server suffered an attack on Monday, March 14, 2016, with the platform down since then.

For the latest updates from BitQuick, visit their website.

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