Belize’s watchdog warns Panteon-Finance is no longer licensed

Several months after Panteon-Finance made it to the “Black List” of Russia’s Forex organization CRFIN, Belize’s financial markets regulator also voiced its concerns over the company.

In a warning dated October 26, 2015, Belize’s International Financial Services Commission (IFSC) says that Panteon-Finance Ltd is no longer licensed by the regulator for trading in securities or to engage in any other international financial services.

Investors are advised to take note and exercise caution.

The company, whose website is at present inaccessible, was very active in Eastern Europe and Russia, offering a range of investment plans, including PAMM accounts. Russia’s CRFIN has noted earlier this year the fake claims of the broker, including a non-existent membership in the experts council at the Council of Federation Committee on Budget and Financial Markets.

Clients of Panteon-Finance have had trouble getting their money back since the end of January 2015, when the company said an audit of accounts had to be done and froze access to customer funds.

To view the warning from Belize’s IFSC, click here.

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