Belize IFSC warns cryptocurrency exchange Alcurex to cease and desist

Belize financial regulator IFSC (International Financial Services Commission) has issued a warning regarding cryptocurrency exchange Alcurex Ltd., operating from website

According to the IFSC, Alcurex Ltd. is an International Business Company with its registered office address at 24.5 Old Northern Highway, Boston Village, Belize District, Belize, C.A. Alcurex is purporting to be an online cryptocurrency exchange based in Belize, on its website

Alcurex is not licensed by the International Financial Services Commission or any other competent authority in Belize to be engaged in exchange of online cryptocurrency.

Alcurex Ltd. is therefore directed by the IFSC to cease and desist from engaging in the said unlicensed activities forthwith.

The IFSC warning against Alcurex can be seen here.

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