Belgian watchdog adds 19 investment companies to “Black List”

Belgium’s Financial Services and Markets Authority (FSMA) has earlier today published an updated “Black List” of investment companies that are not authorized to offer their services to Belgian residents but nevertheless do so.

The Belgian regulator added 19 new names to the “Black List”, with the new entries including binary options brokers and Forex brokers. The FSMA notes that these companies have not published a prospectus approved by the FSMA, as is required before any public offering of investment instruments is made within the territory of Belgium.

The new additions to the “Black List” are as follows:

  • Mayfair Funds (Myfair 23), Highfrequency, Trading Company and Sep Society;
  • Centrale Bank Europe (Banque Centrale d’Europe), Quantum Group Invest and September Investments Limited;
  • Option Bank, Fi-Corporation and Global Secure Ltd;
  • GMT Private Broker;
  • Cit Markets (Citmarkets);
  • Plea (UK) LIMITED, GMTInvest and Redlane Ltd;
  • Binary Stock Market Bank (BSMB) and Kalahouse Limited;
  • AMF Capital Limited and BNRMARKETS;
  • Groupe Markets Ltd, Capital Markets Ltd, FX Capital Bank (FXCB), FXCB Capital Markets Limited and FXCB Limited;
  • Fortune Banque and Tareno (cloned firm);
  • Expert Data and Option Pros;
  • Versailles Finances and Globstate Assets Holdings Limited;
  • MT Capital Partners and Justrader;
  • DeutscheMarkets;
  • Dealinpro and Shaily Global Option Ltd;
  • Finance Academy Trading;
  • Forex Club (Forex Club International Limited);
  • Option-Direct;
  • NTD INVEST CORP LTD, LiveTrader and Abena Invest Ltd.

The FSMA is amid the most active regulators in terms of warning the public regarding unauthorized investment businesses. The Belgian watchdog has published separate announcement regarding the high risks associated with trading binary options and Forex.

To view the latest warning by the FSMA, click here.

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