Bats Global Markets to provide Bats One Quote trade data to Morningstar Inc.

Bats Global Markets, Inc. (Bats: BATS) and the provider of independent investment research, Morningstar, Inc., have announced an agreement under which Bats will provide the Bats One Summary market data feed to Morningstar.

The Bats One Summary Feed, launched in February 2015, features top-of-book quotes and trade information across the four Bats U.S. stock exchanges, and is geared towards the sophisticated professional investor. Morningstar is rolling the feed out to its global customers this month.

Kevin Carrai, Bats

Kevin Carrai, Bats

This agreement extends our valued relationship with Morningstar and provides professional investors with access to high-quality information from the very liquid Bats U.S. equity exchanges,” said Kevin Carrai, Vice President, Market Data and Access Services, at Bats. “We look forward to building on this relationship in our continued effort to serve investors.

Scott Mackenzie, Morningstar’s head of data and research products, added:

As part of Morningstar’s continuous efforts to expand the data and content made available to investors, we are pleased to add the Bats One feed to Morningstar’s extensive list of exchange data. Adding the Bats One feed supplements other content we carry from Bats and helps us meet the evolving data needs of investors globally.

Consistent with the Bats strategy of providing data at a lower cost to the industry, the Bats One feed is significantly less expensive than similar products offered by other exchanges. The Bats One Summary Feed is 60% less per professional user and up to 86% less for an enterprise license for professional or non-professional users.

The Bats One Feed can also be used as a standalone product or as a supplement to other market data products.

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