AxiSelect aims to provide program for those seeking to begin a trading career

AxiCorp officially is announcing today AxiSelect, the program provides an opportunity for talented traders to gain financial backing from industry leaders and start on a path towards a career in trading.

Formed and run by a partnership between Australian-based firm AxiCorp (most commonly known for their retail online Forex trading arm AxiTrader and FXWW Market Commentary, AxiSelect is a standalone project that will reach out to retail traders with the skills and knowledge to succeed in the market as a professional, but who may not have the independent means to fulfil their potential.

Following an initial assessment period, traders with proven success may be offered funding from AxiCorp to expand their portfolio and further their trading skills. Successful traders can also be offered the opportunity to gain an MDA license and further access to capital.

In the current trading climate, AxiSelect provides a unique opportunity for traders.

Says Alex MacKinnon, General Manager of AxiCorp, “Opportunities for aspiring career traders have reduced over the past decade as banks and other financial institutions have scaled back their internal trading operations. The next generation of leading traders will therefore come from the retail trading space and we see AxiSelect as an important way of supporting and nurturing that talent”.

While AxiSelect is primarily aimed at traders with some experience in the market, it will also be of interest to novice traders seeking to begin a trading career. Experienced traders with a successful and fully audited record are also welcome for immediate consideration to the program.

Says Sean Lee, Program Director at FXWW, “We’ve been working with AxiCorp on AxiSelect for several years so it’s great to be able to officially go live with the project and start welcoming aspiring traders on board”.

Anyone wishing to apply for the AxiSelect program can register their details on the AxiSelect website.

About AxiCorp

AxiCorp is an innovative margin Forex trading business, with offices in London and Sydney. AxiCorp comprises of three divisions, AxiTrader, AxiPrime, and AxiSelect. AxiCorp is authorised and regulated by the Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC) AFSL number 318232

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