Australia regulator ASIC warns against cold calling impersonators of… ASIC

Australia’s financial regulator ASIC has issued an interesting pronouncement, warning consumers to be wary of cold callers claiming to represent ASIC itself.

ASICApparently, there are a group of cold callers calling Australian consumers posing as ASIC personnel, and asking for their targets’ personal and financial details.

ASIC is warning consumers that these calls are a scam, and anyone who is contacted is strongly urged to hang up and to not respond.

ASIC Executive Leader, Assessment & Intelligence, Warren Day said:

These scams are intended to trick you into providing your personal details. They may even pretend to be from a government agency to appear genuine and may use your information to commit other scams. We encourage the public to be cautious of calls like these. If you receive a phone call out of the blue from someone in these circumstances, no matter who they claim to be, simply hang up.

To see the ASIC warning click here.

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