Apex Investing releases binary and spread scanners for Nadex traders

Apex Investing Institute has recently released a set of new binary and spread scanners aimed at traders using the services of the North American Derivatives Exchange (Nadex), part of IG Group Holdings plc (LON:IGG).

Apex claims that its binary and spread scanners, designed by real traders for traders, have more intuitive user interfaces for new and veteran traders alike. The solution aims to shorten the learning curve for new Nadex traders, whereas experienced Nadex traders, and previous Apex scanner users, could see the benefits in the simplicity of the scanners, which could be used for analysis and execution of trades.

Nadex-200x87Thanks to the solution, a trader can isolate specific desired contracts, see the strike price, profit potential and risk, resulting in faster decision-making and execution while trading. New exclusive buttons, like the lightning bolt button, benefit traders with instant order submission and fills. Original exclusive features like the Stop Trigger Function now have improved stability.

“Nadex currently lists over 5000 unique contracts per day. This gives traders a great deal of flexibility, but can also make it difficult to find the exact contract that meets the trader’s strategy or risk parameters. Having a tool that can identify these contracts can be very helpful in finding the trading opportunities that best fit the trader’s strategy”, explains Dan Cook, Director of Business Development at Nadex.

When asked what’s behind the development of the Apex binary and spread scanners, Ben Boyle, Head of Information Technology at Apex, responds, “Darrell’s unique vision combined with active community feedback from thousands of active traders, even a former Nadex employee, contributes daily to research and development in both trading systems and software development. Our elite programmers, who span the globe covering multiple continents, have over 60 years combined experience, a majority in developing order management, data management tools, and user interfaces for trading applications, and have spent literally years of development making the feeds and the scanners. Everybody works together sharing ideas. Many traders donate thousands of hours of research to Apex. To support the community growth, they contribute code and our primary programmers add into the confidential main source.”

Learn more about the scanners from the video above, or read the full press release here.

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