Anton Kreil steps down from ‘Trader Vacation Mentoring Programme’ to focus on management

It was officially announced today that Anton Kreil, Managing Partner of the Institute of Trading and Portfolio Management, an online Forex Trading Education course is to step down from delivering Vacation Mentoring Programmes to retail traders come February 2017. The move is motivated in order for Mr. Kreil to focus more time and effort on the day-to-day management of global operations at the Institute.

The Institute offers online trading accounts via a global network of brokers which include: London Capital Group, City Index, RJ O’Brien, and Alpha Broking.

Vacation Mentoring Programmes at the Institute of Trading and Portfolio management have proven to be an extremely popular resource for retail traders learning how to trade through the Institute for the last two years.

Trader Vacation Programmes occur over a 14-week period with the first 10 days of Trader Mentoring held at Five Star resorts around the world, with one-on-one and group training delivered by Anton Kreil and Institute Senior Trading Mentors.

The remaining 12 weeks of the 14-week Trader Mentoring Programme period occurs over Skype and Institute chat systems when delegates return to their respective geographies globally in one-to-one and group sessions each week. Delegates trade with their own capital and the Institute backs groups with real money also.

The Institute has now held eight Trader Vacation Mentoring Programmes over the last two years (quarterly) in Thailand, the Turks and Caicos Islands, South Africa and Brazil. The Institute has now officially launched programmes in the United States restricted only to U.S. and Canadian citizens and plan to hold eight programmes a year globally in order to grow with the popularity and demand of the Programmes.

Kreil’s final Trader Vacation Mentoring Programme that he will attend and deliver himself will occur in Phuket Thailand from January 26th to February 5th, 2017. As such, this will be the last opportunity for retail traders to receive one-on-one training from Institute Managing Partner, Anton Kreil.

Kreil will no longer attend the Vacation Mentoring Programmes in person. The curriculum will be delivered by the Institute’s Senior Trading Mentors globally and Kreil will manage the Programmes via an oversight function from the Institute’s Headquarters in Singapore.

As of February 2017, all Vacation Mentoring Programmes held outside the United States will be delivered by Senior Trading Mentors, Jason Mcdonald Tristan Edwards, Gregoire Dupont and Hichem Djouhri. Vacation Mentoring Programmes held in the United States will be delivered by Senior Trading Mentors Raj Malhotra and Ben Berggreen.

Former JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs trader Anton Kreil

Former JP Morgan, Lehman Brothers and Goldman Sachs trader Anton Kreil

Speaking about this announcement Anton Kreil made the following comment:

As the Institute has grown, I have found myself continually taking more and more of a management role in overseeing the operations that I founded and built. It’s really just a natural occurrence of business evolution. Our curriculum is the best in the world because it works and our Senior Trading Mentors are more than capable of delivering our curriculum to Institute students. As the Institute grows it is necessary for me to delegate this responsibility to our Mentors and concentrate on many of the exciting projects we are set to launch in 2017, and beyond.

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