Alpari cuts deposit requirements for setting up public PAMM portfolio

Retail Forex broker Alpari announced today that it is reducing the deposit requirements for setting up a public PAMM portfolio.

Effective September 21, 2015, the minimum deposit will be 1,000 USD / 800 EUR / 800 GLD.

The cut is substantial. According to information from late February 2015, creating a public PAMM portfolio required a minimum deposit of 3 000 USD / 2 000 EUR / 150 000 RUR / 2 000 GLD.

PAMM portfolios are collections of PAMM accounts – allocating funds across several PAMM accounts enables investors to more easily diversify risks.

The difference between a public and a private PAMM Portfolio is that public PAMM portfolios appear in the full list of PAMM Portfolios on the site. A dedicated thread in the forum is also created, where the portfolio manager can communicate with investors. This type of account is recommended for those who wish to actively attract investment.

To view the official announcement from Alpari, click here.

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