Alpari introduces criteria-based bonus system with points for volume and account balance

Retail FX stalwart Alpari has today launched a new bonus scheme, under the name of Alpari Bonus.

The Alpari Bonus program, which will be open to traders, investors and managers, is intended to provide clients with better opportunities to profit from their investments. Alpari RU clients will receive bonus points for maintaining a certain level of trading volume, for example, and for making deposits to their accounts.

Under this program, clients will be able to choose what types of benefits they would like to receive for themselves. By accumulating bonus points, Alpari clients will earn the chance to receive tighter spreads, reduced swap charges, better conversion rates, and refunds on commission. All compensation will be in the form of real money which can be withdrawn immediately if needed. Premium clients will receive most of the available discounts for free, including a 100% rebate on commission for deposits and withdrawals.

Forex brokers across the globe periodically extend various types of limited-time offers to their clients, often refunds on commission or improvements in certain trading terms. However, Alpari RU deems the rigid terms and conditions of the promotions to be restrictive for traders and investors.

Alpari RU has decided to allow its clients to choose which terms they would like to have improved for themselves and has made its bonus program accumulative and open-ended.

Intraday traders, for example, can spend the bonus points they have earned on spread rebates, while longer-term traders can use their points to reduce their swap charges. Investors will also be able to benefit from the program by using their bonus points to obtain rebates on the commission charged by payment systems when transferring funds to their accounts and to save money on conversions when investing in PAMM Accounts and PAMM Portfolios denominated in another currency.

“Our company has always aimed to offer clients the best terms for their activities in the financial markets. In essence, our loyalty program is comparable in scale to the programs currently offered by some of the world’s leading client-oriented businesses, including banks, airlines, mobile providers and retailers. This fact demonstrates that the Russian Forex market continues to develop steadily and qualitatively,” said Alpari RU CEO Boris Shilov.

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