A future full of Eastern promise for LMAX as the firm partners with GMO Click’s Z.com Trade

Multilateral trading facility for FX, LMAX Exchange, has today announced that it has entered into a partnership with GMO-Z.com Trade UK Limited (“Z.com Trade”), a member of the Japan-headquartered GMO CLICK Holdings Inc. group of companies, which is the world’s largest retail FX provider by volume.

Z.com is one of only three single letter domains on the entire worldwide web, and represents a rebranding of GMO CLICK Securities division of GMO CLICK Holdings at the end of last year, when the firm bought the domain from Nissan Motor Company for $6.8 million.

The partnership will provide Z.com Trade clients with access to LMAX Exchange’s unique non ‘last-look’ liquidity and unparalleled exchange-quality execution. Simply matching buyers with sellers within an anonymous non ‘last look’ execution venue, LMAX Exchange will offer Z.com Trade clients transparent price discovery, neutral, precise and conflict free execution in over 70 instruments, including spot FX, precious metals, indices and commodities.

Nick Cropper, General Manager at Z.com Trade, commented: “We are excited to announce our partnership with LMAX Exchange, and look forward to offering our clients a best-in-class trading experience that is both fair and transparent. As a group member of the world’s largest retail FX provider, Z.com Trade is highly committed to innovation and excellence. Recognising the growing trend towards transparent, exchange style trading, we are happy to announce that access to LMAX Exchange will be available when we launch in early 2015, beginning with access via an API connection for experienced traders.”

Andreas Wigstrom, Head of International Development at LMAX Exchange, added: “This partnership offers significant global growth opportunities for both firms. We are delighted to partner with the world’s leading FX brokerage, whose skills, capabilities and commitment to excellence are well known in the global FX market. The partnership will greatly advance the Z.com Trade offering and provide a transparent, fair, low latency trading experience for its clients.”

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