5 BIG Mistakes Trading Brands Make in Their Promotional Emails

The following guest post is courtesy of Tiz G. Corta, CEO of email marketing solutions provider DVFX.com. DVFX is a performance-based marketing agency with more than 5 years experience, serving a variety of industries including a number of Forex and Binary Options brokers.

There are many elements that go into a great promotional email campaign. The offer is obviously an important component to grab your lead or client’s interest. So is the content – from the subject line (and the pre-header) to the closing call to action.

But it takes much more than an attractive bonus offer and effective copywriting to create a winning FTD or conversion campaign.

In order to bring in the highest conversions from your email campaigns make sure to avoid the following mistakes in your promotional emails:

1. Failing to target

An effective email campaign delivers the right message to the right recipient, at the right time.  So, first of all, your database needs to be segmented.

Make sure your email list is targeted to the audience you’re trying to reach. For example, if you have a promotion specific for FTDs make sure to only send that email to leads that never deposited before.

A “spray and pray” approach might seem like playing the percentages, but this can actually cause more damage resulting in lost engagement. Untargeted leads, receiving irrelevant content will be less likely to open future messages from you.

Email marketing2. Being too generic

You must be specific in the offer you are promoting. I cannot count how many emails I received from different trading companies, all with the same mistake: too many offers in one e-mail, too many links to click on. A confused mind does not take action.

If your company offers:  x% bonus on FTD, or x% bonus on re-deposits, plus rebates once a certain trading volume is reached, only write about one of your offers per email. Never have different calls to action or too many links in your email which distract from your main objective; conversion. You want your lead or client to (re)deposit. You don’t want to lose them by sending them to different webpage or site.

3. Timing

But how often should you be sending out promotional emails?

There is no single recipe for success here; however it is good practice, in my experience, to alternate your promotional emails with valuable content/educational emails. By doing this, your conversion rates could increase by up to 30%, as it happened in the case of many of my clients.

Do not overwhelm your leads with daily emails solely about your offers and promotions (even if there is a scarcity/time limit to them).

The reason for this boost in conversion is due to your leads and/or clients coming to recognize you as an authority in the trading industry due to the relevant content and education you are sending them – meaning that they are therefore more likely to take you up on your offer.

4. Not using responsive design

About 50% of emails are now opened on a mobile device, so if you’re not using responsive design– a design standard that optimizes content for the device screen – you are making a major mistake. Half of your recipients will not be able to view your email without zooming in or out and scrolling from side-to-side. In these cases, most leads and clients will just delete your email. So make sure your messages see the light of day by enabling people to view it on multiple devices.

Just as you offer your trading platforms on different devices you must make sure your prospects can read your emails on whatever device they may be trading or checking while trading.

5. Not Engaging With Your Audience 

So once you made sure you got your subject line down to a T, your copy is as interacting and appealing as it could get, your rendering is impeccable on all devices and your targeting is spot on, you are ready to send your email. But are you ready to respond when your leads and prospects answer you back?

You need to make sure you have a system in place that, if your prospects engage with you, on any platform, you are prepared to respond within few hours if not immediately. If all your replies go to a generic email address such as [email protected] which is not managed at all times, and you respond to your prospects days later, chances are you lost them. If your prospects message you on Facebook or tweet you, you must be able to respond promptly.


It is a mistake to think that e-mail marketing is a one way street. Always keep in mind the client/lead when sending out email promotions. Think of what their interest, hopes and dreams are and get to the core of what they want to hear when creating promotional emails for your brand. By avoiding the mistakes above you could be looking at a significant increase in conversions over the next 6 months.

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