4 ways to enhance the success of your e-mail marketing campaigns

This article was written by Yael Warman, Content Manager at Leverate.

Yael Warman, Leverate

Yael Warman, Leverate

The goal of any good email marketing campaign is to provide an individual feel to the human beings that you are reaching out to. As old fashioned as it is, email contact is a mainstay as it has the power to do just that, it has the means to stoke conversations as it makes your brokerage appear accessible and relevant to their trading plans. Yet, at the same time, if not used well, you risk alienating potential clients by treating them like statistics.

The following are some tips to enhance the success of your e-mail marketing campaigns.

1. Build your email list with recipients who are predisposed to opening your emails

Take the time to gradually build your list of email recipients based on people who have already expressed an interest in your brokerage and at some previous stage willingly provided you with their email address. This may be garnered through your website or social media channels, either way this group of people are your target audience and predisposed to opening your email for further offers or newsworthy items about your brokerage. Willingness is essential and for that reason, create an unsubscribe option that is easy to complete along with a prominently displayed privacy policy that is clear and concise. It is important for clients to realize that you fully respect their rights and interests.

2. Focus on that subject line

It’s just one line, but if it takes you just as long to compile the email as what it does that subject line, than it’s time well spent.  It’s all very well having quality content for your email, but it doesn’t make any difference, if your email just doesn’t get opened. Depending on who you ask there are many different ways to get this right; while some go for shock value, others go for humor, while others still like to go for countdowns (such as the title of this article). Either way, your subject line should be powerful, punchy or intriguing.

3. Use the data that you already have

Your company’s CRM is full of quality and incredibly useful data points regarding your clients. Information may range anywhere from age, gender, location, preferred trades, preferred trading platform and so on, all of which has been supplied by clients themselves. While most email send outs typically merge tags to just first names, the truth is you should really be aiming to merge far more than that. Really aim hard to personalize your emails by merging as much of the available data points that you have. This can further include data collected from what a customer has done on your site and any real time information, so that your calls to action are impressively relevant to just them.

4. Bring in Live Content

Give every impression to your clients, that your brokerage lives and breathes the forex trading industry and nothing will imply this as effectively as using live content. The last thing you want is for a client to open an email that discusses the impact of the Swiss Bank storm on the Euro in 2015. As content is being updated to your website, make sure it is also being updated in your emails. Of course the trick is to incorporate a call to action that is associated with the live content, such as “Buy now before impact of market change hits” etc.

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