June 9, 2011: IG Group reports Q4 results, and FXCM reports May metrics – not bad

FXCM announced May volumes at $328 billion for retail and $80 billion for institutional, both up nicely in double-digit-percents from April. FXCM has continued to slowly build its institutional business, which typically is more steady than retail, although not quite as profitable – as we reported last month after full Q1 numbers were released, FXCM earns about 1.9 pips per round-trip trade on its retail volume, but only 0.7 pips on institutional trades. FXCM stock was up 1% in morning NYSE trading.

For the IG Group press release and more details see https://www.iggroup.com/content/files/trading_update_jn11.pdf

For the FXCM press release and more details see https://ir.fxcm.com/phoenix.zhtml?c=238885&p=irol-newsArticle&ID=1572160&highlight=


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