MIG BANK and Swissquote Bank added to LeapRate’s Approved List

LeapRate is pleased to announce the addition of the two leading Swiss-based online Forex trading firms, MIG BANK (www.migbank.com) and Swissquote Bank (www.swissquote.ch), to our Approved List of online Forex firms. Both MIG BANK and Swissquote are fully licensed Swiss banks, regulated by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA).

“With Switzerland continuing to grow as a world monetary and banking sector, and the Swiss currency itself acting as a safe haven for investors during these turbulent economic times, we believe that the time is right to add the leading Swiss-based firms to our Approved List,” commented Gerald Segal, Managing Director of LeapRate. “The Swiss regulatory authorities have also been leaders in Forex regulation, requiring that a full banking license be held by those firms offering Forex trading. MIG BANK and Swissquote provide their clients the added safety and security of dealing with a licensed Swiss bank, with the extra oversight and capital that entails.”

MIG BANK (www.migbank.com) is the largest Swiss-based online Forex brokerage firm, and was the first such firm to successfully go through FINMA’s rigorous review process and be awarded a full Swiss banking license.

Swissquote Bank (www.swissquote.ch) is Switzerland’s leading provider of online financial and trading services. With its recent $43 million acquisition of ACM Advanced Currency Markets (www.ac-markets.com), Swissquote has vaulted into a leading position in online Forex trading.

Firms on the LeapRate Approved List of online Forex firms, in our view, meet and/or exceed standards in areas such as regulation, financial size and strength, pricing, technology and customer service. We strongly recommend that Forex traders trade ONLY with firms on LeapRate’s Approved List. If you are trading with a firm which is not on this list, you might be taking a big risk with the safety of your money, the quality of quotes, the quality of trade execution, and level of service you receive. For more on MIG BANK, Swissquote, and LeapRate’s Approved List please see the Approved List page of our website at https://www.leaprate.com/ApprovedList.html.

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