Host Games builds blockchain protocol for online casino gaming

Host Games builds blockchain protocol for online casino gaming

Host Games has announced that it has reached its soft cap goal of $2 million in its private pre-sale for strategic investors to build the world’s first blockchain-based online casino gaming protocol for emerging markets. Leveraging blockchain technology, Host Games is building a more secure, scalable and robust peer-to-peer online gaming infrastructure that empowers developers and players alike.

Host Games’ protocol offers the first complete and fully programmable gaming infrastructure. During the first phase of development, Host Games will launch a decentralized application on the Ethereum blockchain that will allow anyone to host online casino games like fantasy sports, poker, slots, roulette and more. Host Games will later develop its own blockchain to power existing and future decentralized applications, and support third-party dApp integrations. Ultimately, Host Games will bridge online and offline casino gaming through strategic partnerships and alliances.

It’s no secret that the online casino gaming industry lacks transparency,” said Amit Kanodia, CEO of Host Games. “For players, it’s incredibly difficult to differentiate between which online sites are safe, especially when more than one million fake gaming websites are being created each month. To reduce (and hopefully eliminate) this risk, we’re bringing online casino gaming on the blockchain so that we can provide players with fair gameplay mechanics and the assurance that their money is protected, even before they place their first bet.

Traditionally, online casino gaming has been seen as the “wild west” of the gaming industry due to the lack of transparency and security protocol. Similarly, with offline casinos, there is a constant ‘house vs player’ mentality with the odds generally stacked. Host Games’ mission is to solve the inefficiencies of both online and offline casino models using blockchain technology.

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