TraducationFX launches daily white label market research videos

The Estonia-based white label service provider TraducationFX announced the expansion of its market research package with technical analysis videos.

The new market research videos are produced on a daily basis and mainly cover the Forex and Crypto markets. Occasionally, they will include major stocks and commodities as well.

The videos will be placed on the customer’s website. Additionally, they can also be automatically published on social networks using a Zapier integration — a third-party tool that connects various services.

TraducationFX expands its market research package with technical analysis videos

Denis Alyanov, CEO of TraducationFX, commented:

Denis Alyanov, TraducationFX

Denis Alyanov

We’ve been offering market research articles for some time now and many of our customers, both brokerages and educational platforms, have asked us to start doing videos on technical analysis as well.

Alyanov continued:

Brokers find this service useful in retaining clients while for educational platforms, it’s much easier to move from a one-time fee to a monthly subscription

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