Devexa Chatbot introduces Voice Assistant to improve traders’ experience

Devexa Chatbot introduces Voice Assistant to improve traders’ experience

Devexperts, the developers of the Devexa Chatbot, today announced that it had added voice trading capabilities to its AI-powered chatbot. The company recently opened an R&D center in Bulgaria.

The Devexa Chatbot is a live assistant that runs of AI and is targeted at retail brokers. The chatbot works on Telegram, Viber, Facebook Messenger and is about to be released on WeChat.

The new voice capabilities will allow traders to communicate with the chatbot through Google Assistant.

The Devexa Chatbot is a crucial tool for most retail brokers in an age where most clients are using social media applications to communicate as opposed to other traditional communication channels. Brokers use the chatbot to engage with their tech-savvy clients and to attract new clients through social media.

Through the Devexa Chatbot, retail clients can quickly get access to information such as real-time stock quotes, stock charts and even fundamental data about different companies. The chatbot automates most of these queries freeing up customer service personnel to deal with more complex issues.

Evgeny Sorokin

Evgeny Sorokin Source: Twitter

According to the SVP of Software Engineering, Evgeny Sorokin:

This is only the beginning; the market is far from saturated and there are still many use cases to develop and explore. The uptake of Siri and Google assistant and other products like this are seeing massive leaps forward.

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