ChartIQ launches new web trader user interface

ChartIQ, the HTML5 charting, visualization and platform company today announced the release of an entirely new user interface to its WebTrader for MT4 platform.

The new user interface has been redesigned around two concepts—product differentiation and user friendly, cross-platform technology.

With brokerages looking to break away from the competition, the most innovative turn to technology and infrastructure solutions to upgrade their front end interface.

ChartIQ web trader is a white-labeled product so brokerages have the ability to customize the user interface and adhere to brand standards to meet the needs of their organization and their users.

The ChartIQ MT4 server plugin is lightweight and includes middleware that offers an access layer for MT4, which can be hosted and maintained by the broker or ChartIQ.

A few of the many features include:

  • Multi-chart support (up to 10 chart windows open at once)
  • Ability to group instruments by asset class
  • Positions aggregated by symbol
  • Unique “close all” capability

The WebTrader is built in 100% HTML5. This means brokerages do not need to overhaul their entire technology stack when it’s time to integrate. Integration is done quickly and easily, saving brokerages development time and money. HTML5 also allows for functionality across all operating systems and devices, ensuring traders have access to the platform anytime, anywhere.

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