Cboe to Launch One Options Feed Starting March

Cboe Global Markets announced Wednesday that it expects to launch its Cboe One Options Feed beginning March 1, 2023.

Via a single market data feed, Cboe’s new data offering provides an extensive, real-time view of US options pricing.

The Cboe is a prominent derivatives exchange operator in the US, with its four exchanges — C2 Options, Cboe Options, EDGX Options, and BZX Options Exchanges — accounting for 31% of US options trading volume.




The new Cboe One Options Feed will offer real-time quote and trade data consolidated from all four Cboe options exchanges, aggregating the best bid and offer of all displayed orders for ETF, equity, and index options traded on the exchanges.

Cboe Global Markets’ Executive Vice President, Data and Digital Solutions, Catherine Clay, commented:

Catherine Clay, Cboe

Catherine Clay
Source: LinkedIn

The launch of the Cboe One Options Feed aims to address the growth of the U.S. options market, which has seen the emergence of a new generation of investors that is increasingly utilizing options-based strategies in their portfolios. Real-time pricing is an essential component of the investing and trading process, and customers are seeking more choice in how they receive options market data.”

In addition, the company’s Head of Derivatives and Global Client Services, Arianne Adams, said the One Options Feed is another solution that will offer his firm’s customers the real-time information they need to trade with confidence.

The Cboe One Options Feed complements the company’s existing offering of US and Canadian equity data feeds.

The Cboe One Options Feed, hosted in Cboe’s primary and secondary data centers in New Jersey and Chicago, will provide consolidated quote and trade information utilising the same protocol and message structure as the firm’s Cboe One US and Canadian Feeds.

In addition, the feed will be available in various locations globally through the Cboe Global Cloud.

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