BidFX updates mobile app to improve remote trading

Electronic forex trading solutions provider BidFX announced a major upgrade to its mobile app to meet the growing demand from market participants to securely manage and trade when working remotely.

The app’s latest version, which became available on 1 June, allows traders to track and amend orders originally entered into office desktop computers through their mobile phones. The new enhancement comes at a time when some financial institutions plan to move staff back to a safe office environment, while others continue to work remotely.

Other new features include standard tenors and broken dates, the ability to create and amend stop orders, and the capability to change limit orders so remote traders can keep up to speed on how close they are to executing a trade.


Alan Dweck, Chief Operating Officer at BidFX, commented:

This unprecedented health crisis is splitting office and remote working. As some of the worlds largest financial institutions adjust their working practices to fit this new enviroment, it is imperative FX technology keeps apace. This latest version of our app provides traders with the full desktop FX trading experience directly from their mobile.

Marko Stanojevic, Vice President of NDF Trading at Dax Partners said:

The ability to work orders on the go is  an invaluable tool to our traders through these unprecedented times. Thanks to this latest version of the BidFX mobile app, we can continue to perform at an optimum.

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