Star Hat Solutions to provide Freebridge Hub FX connectivity solution to FIXI Markets

Financial technology supplier Star Hat Solutions announced that have further ventured into the retail forex market by solidifying their relationship with FIXI Markets.

FIXI Markets is a trading name of FIXI Plc, an independent brokerage house which offers direct market access to Tier 1 level liquidity. FIXI Markets have considerable experience within the FX and CFD industry and are well versed in high levels of customer service. Star Hat Solutions offers an innovative FIX and REST API solution through their aggregator and bridge, allowing integration to a multitude of platforms within an ultra-low latency environment, all commission-free.

Star Hat Solutions have recently announced the FREEBRIDGE Hub, which allows brokerages to offer free connectivity to their clients without the need for bridge fees, commissions, or FIX integration. In addition, Star Hat Solutions offer an array of diverse services including MAM/PAMM solutions, tiered commission reporting and CRM integrations.

CEO of Star Hat Solutions, Chris Ward commented:

Star Hat Solutions has always been about creating relationships to provide performant, quality and integrated solutions to give clients the best possible experience. With this, we are excited to be helping FIXI Markets bring their innovative products to market.

Jason Gibson, Director of FIXI Markets, welcomed the announcement, stating:

With the wealth of expertise that Star Hat Solutions offers, as well as their diverse range of products, we are pleased to announce our partnership. A key factor in our decision in partnering with Star Hat Solutions is the flat-rate technology fee, the high level of technological scalability working within the Star Hat environment, and the bespoke development that is associated when working with a high calibre team such as Star Hat. A high level of innovative automation ultimately makes FIXI Markets more competitive within the FX/CFD and Spread Betting industry and at the cutting edge of trading technology.

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