Star Hat Solutions launches Freebridge hub for FX brokers with MahiFX liquidity

Financial technology supplier Star Hat Solutions announced the general availability of their new product, Freebridge and MahiFX as their latest liquidity provider onto their Hub range of products, including Freebridge.

With a Freebridge Hub, brokers are able to offer direct, low-latency connectivity into the liquidity they provide to their customers. This completely removes all expensive bridge fees and FIX integrations, whilst still enabling institutional clients to exclusively access the broker’s liquidity.

The bridge component is provided free of cost, and works alongside existing trading infrastructures to eliminate any chance of disruption to systems.

Chris Ward, CEO of Star Hat Solutions said:

Having operated in this space for many decades, we have gained the inside edge on providing truly innovative broker solutions. Freebridge is an example of how we are rejuvenating 21 st century trading. With increased transparency over costs, Freebridge allows institutional clients to access liquidity more effectively.

We are also proud to announce MahiFX as our latest liquidity provider onto our Hub range of products, including Freebridge. MahiFX is a leading provider of innovative financial technology products and services. With commission-free liquidity, they provide a quality trading experience with values that perfectly align with our own.

Nick Mortimer of MahiFX added:

Together with our commission-free liquidity, Star Hat Solutions’ Freebridge offers a powerful and compelling product.

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