LCH SwapAgent completes its first cross-currency swap compression

LCH SwapAgent completes its first trades compression

LCH SwapAgent has just announced that €4.5 billion in notional of trades registered in LCH SwapAgent were successfully compressed in TriOptima’s multilateral USD/EUR cross-currency swap compression cycle.

Compression is the process by which members can eliminate offsetting trades to reduce notional outstanding and the number of line items in a portfolio. Capital requirements such as those introduced under the Basel III leverage ratio have incentivised banks to reduce notional outstanding.

Nathan Ondyak

Nathan Ondyak, LCH

Nathan Ondyak, Global Head of LCH SwapAgent, commented:

We’re delighted to have worked with TriOptima to achieve this meaningful reduction in notional outstanding on behalf of our customers. As members continue to onboard and use LCH SwapAgent to standardise and improve the processing of non-cleared OTC derivatives, we anticipate that uptake of these compression services will continue to grow.

Peter Weibel, Co-CEO TriOptima, added:

We are pleased to expand our service to compress trades registered in SwapAgent. Our collaboration with LCH SwapAgent is an important addition to the multiple venues that are already supported by the triReduce compression service.

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