Kaber Mclean appointed for CEO of HSBC Australia

HSBC announced on Thursday that Kaber Mclean was appointed as Chief Executive Officer of the bank’s Australian office. The lender aims to expands in the region as Hong Kong operations are under pressure of anti-government riots.

Mclean has been with HSBC since 1996. For more than two decades of service at the bank, he has held many senior positions. Between 2012 and 2016 he was president and CEO of HSBC Japan.

HSBC has 45 branches and offices in Australia and Mclean is now set to lead the expansion in the region. The company seeks to grow in the retail and commercial banking, wealth management and global banking markets of Australia.

Mclean takes over in March from his predecessor, Martin Tricaud, who has left the position to become regional CEO of Middle East, North Africa and Turkey operations. Noel McNamara held the position of interim CEO since June 2019 and will continue as chief risk officer.

The most important market for HSBC – Hong Kong, is currently under intense pressure anti-government protests which have been going for months. Attacks on the bank’s branches from earlier this month and accusations of complicity in action by the authorities against activists threaten to upset the bank’s operations and hit profit.

HSBC’s report on its full-year results is set for 18 February.

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