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  • Institutional FX liquidity provider PositivaFX launching Retail Forex brokerage – LeapRate Exclusive


    LeapRate Exclusive… LeapRate has learned that CySEC regulated institutional FX firm PositivaFX (CY) Ltd is making preparations to launch a separate Retail Forex brokerage operation.

    George Stylianou, PositivaFX

    PositivaFX, based in Limassol, Cyprus and founded in 2014 by CEO George Stylianou (pictured at right) and COO Kaiming Liu, has grown into a fairly successful institutional FX shop, serving mainly small to medium sized regulated and offshore brokers. Other than providing liquidity, PositivaFX provides consulting and technology services through its sister company PositivaMST on all aspects of starting and running a Forex and CFD brokerage, a service which often gets them in the door to provide the longer term and more lucrative liquidity services.

    Stylianou and Liu actually met when both worked at Easy Forex  (now easyMarkets) earlier this decade. They hooked up again at FXTM about five years later (with Stylianou arriving at FXTM via Alpari), Stylianou acting as CMO and Liu as VP of Asia. They left FXTM together and founded founded The Positiva Group of Companies in late 2014 with the backing of Asian investors.

    We understand that the company is preparing to submit documentation to CySEC to request an upgrade in its license from STP to market maker, as well as an approval of an updated business plan for Retail, to facilitate the move to add Retail brokerage. Depending on approval time (and any other unforeseen factors), we believe that PositivaFX will open for business for retail clients in late Q2 / early Q3.

    PositivaFX is being backed in this latest phase of its development by its aforementioned Asian investors, who have agreed to invest more money to backstop the move to retail after being pleased with the company’s initial foray into institutional FX.

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    • Billy

      Another waste of time CYPRIOT bucketshop. When will people learn that no body except idiots who have no idea that they are actaully dealing with a CYPRIOT broker goes out of their way to select a CYSEC broker or liquidity provider.

      You see most clients of Cypriot brokers are victims of online marketing. They have no idea about regulation and are just mug punters, but CY brokers like it like that !!

      • Bob

        I am all for free speech and like having a laugh in comment sections, but sometimes people should understand the legal position they can find themselves in.

        There are comments on this article that can be considered libelous.I think we need a bit more quality control.

        @Billy.Can you tell us which jurisdiction has an unblemished record?
        I don’t expect a reply anytime soon.

        • Billy

          No juristscions have an unblemished record, in all the reputable places a broker has run into trouble. The big difference is that in the reputable juristicrions the regulator takes action, however in Cyprus the regulator let’s forex and binary options firms run rampant and does nothing about it. Iron FX is a classic example, still to this day people are owed money and can’t withdraw funds from their accounts, this would never happen in the UK, Australia, Germany or USA.

          Good on ya mate keep supporting the Cypriot scam operations. Fortunately smart traders know to steer away from CY bucketshops.

          • Bob

            Morning Billy, thanks for the response.
            I am British and just in case you did not know, the City is the most corrupt place on the planet with money coming from all types of nefarious places.Also consumers are getting ripped off on a daily basis but the FCA does nothing.

            My personal opinion is that the minimum deposit for FX trading should be 10 – 20k USD so that eliminates a lot of this problem, as the bucket ships do go for the bottom of the barrel.

            It is not about supporting ‘Cypriot scam brokerages’ its just i do not agree with broad brush assumptions.

            I welcome your thoughts on this.

      • Forex is a relationship-based business. You need to VERY CAREFULLY research the people behind the brokerage; this is true with all regulatory jurisdictions. But it is especially true when going offshore or in places like CySec where regulators are quite lax when it comes to ENFORCEMENT.

        You have to trust the broker you are working with. The average retail client has been misinformed heavily; mainly because of the numerous conflicts of interests with major stakeholders. For example, how many brokers advertised at any given page even on this very blog are running 100% agency model [with reasonable proof] OR a hybrid a/b book but can prove best execution for their clients?

    • Costas

      You’re dead wrong Billy, and clearly you work for some offshore or FCA broker.

      Which CySEC broker has gone under or screwed its clients? Ever? Answer: None. Alpari UK – UK broker. FXCM – US broker. PFG – US broker. MF Global – US broker.

      Cyprus ain’t the biggest place in the world, but the companies there are run well and are overseen properly.

      • Billy

        Yeah the don’t go bust they just pay off the regulator and pretend nothing happened, you know corporate crimes in CY don’t carry a jail sentence, hence the place is so corrupt, this is also why through Russians love it……. Back down at IronFx clients still can’t withdraw their money (I am one of them) or have you forgotten about this?… . is your memory tainted by you dreams of grandeur Costas the great?

    • peter

      the above 2 ex fxtm men have a bad reputation. rumors have it they stole money from fxtm. anyway…bucket shop

      • Jason

        If you could please provide the readers with even a very tiny bit of proof to substantiate your accusation that would be great.

      • Robert

        fxtm is the one with the bad reputation. Rumours have it that fxtm stole money from the above 2 ex fxtm men.

    • Julius

      they lost the asian investors money and trying to turn a negative situation into a positive: ie: open fx brokerage. south african and asian lies 😉

      • Guest

        If you are right then we will not see the launch of their retail division. If they do, then you are wrong. So let’s see what happens. Time will tell.

    • maria

      ladies, relax. who really cares. chill out 🙂

    • Pete

      i don’t think folks realize how much Chinese money is pouring into Cyprus lately, and specifically into the FX sector. Positiva isn’t the only retail or institutional shop to get serious Chinese cash backing it. It is only going to increase. then again, that is true of many industries and many countries.


    Institutional FX liquidity provider PositivaFX launching Retail Forex brokerage - LeapRate Exclusive


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